Powder Drying System

Flash Dryers, Slurry Drying, Calcining & Deagglomeration Applications for Heat Sensitive Products
THERMAJET™ for your Flash Drying Needs
THERMAJET™ - Industrial Flash Dryer

  • Simultaneous deagglomeration and drying to produce discrete particles
  • Processes heat-sensitive products without thermal degradation
  • Increased surface area ensures the most efficient heat transfer
  • Low-maintenance and compact design
  • Inlet temperatures from 200 – 1300° F
  • Calcining application occurring at less than 1300° F

The THERMAJET™ flash dryer is a recirculating loop flash dryer utilizing a combination of temperature and pressure to dry and deagglomerate any wet solid, slurry, centrifuge or filter cake. Recirculating gases and deagglomeration ensure maximum thermal efficiency while achieving moisture specifications at less than 1%. Ideal for safe processing of even heat sensitive or reactive products, these flash dryers can also be used for flash calcining operations.