Flash Drying and Deagglomeration In One System

The ThermaJet system produces a discrete, dry product from any raw feed, including wet powder, slurry, centrifuge or filter cake. Automated system operation and high thermal transfer maximize product quality and drying efficiency. Systems are engineered for laboratory, pilot and full-scale production from 500 grams to 100,000 lb/hr. The ThermaJet’s wide range of operational temperatures and drying gases provide safe processing of all  materials including heat-sensitive and reactive products.

Low-pressure air or inert gas is heated and introduced into the ThermaJet manifold. Nozzle locations, sizes and angles are engineered to develop a controlled evaporative circuit. Drying and deagglomeration begin as the wet  feed enters this high-velocity gas circuit in the drying chamber. The turbulent flow maximizes interparticle collisions and deagglomeration. The continually increased surface area reduces drying time and protects  particles from overheating. The material is conveyed into a separate classification zone, where properly sized dry product is removed by the frictional drag of the exiting gases. Heavier, moist particles are recycled to the drying chamber.

The ThermaJet Flash Dryer is a wise choice over rotary and/or tubular dryers. The simplicity of operation, lower maintenance costs and larger capacities make it an ideal alternative. The equipment is shipped assembled,  and only requires general piping, wiring, insulation, and interconnecting ductwork upon delivery.

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