Fluid Energy Offers a New Grinding Application

Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Company manufactures the Model 42 Micro-Jet system for pigment and abrasives grinding. This custom-built jet milling system utilizes super-heated steam as the grinding fluid. Our Capital Equipment division designed the system to grind chemical intermediates to a 6-micron average, at a rate of 2 metric tons per hour. The initial raw feed size consisted of a 325 mesh. newk

The model also features replaceable silicon carbide liners at all product contact surfaces to provide maximum abrasion resistance. The mill utilizes 4,000 cfm of air compressed to 100 psi.

Steam requirements of the unit range from 4 to 9,000 pounds per hour at 150 psig. The steam typically super-heats from 550 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The units have been designed for TiO applications producing a particle size of 0.5 microns at a rate of 4,000 pounds per hour. The same unit has also been used for grinding red and yellow iron oxide pigments.

Fluid Energy’s Capital Equipment Division, the world’s largest jet mill supplier, represents over fifty years of experience in fine particle process technology. Vigorous product development efforts, supported by a securely rooted background in its industry, have made Fluid Energy a leader in its field.

For more information, contact Fluid Energy at 4300 Bethlehem Pike, Telford, PA 18969; phone 215-721-8990; fax 215-721-2355; e-mail sales@fluidenergype.com