Fluid Energy Offers Portable, Scalable R&D Grinding Jet Milling System

Fluid Energy tray systems are designed to provide an R&D jet-milling system that can efficiently mill and collect your fine powders in numerous batch ranges all in one system. Please read on to learn more about this system and the many options available to you and your company.

What could you do with such a system?

The Model 00 Jet-O-Mizer is a vertically-mounted, standard research and development grinding system perfectly suited for laboratory applications. The self-contained portable tray system is designed to process batch sizes ranging from 1 to 300 grams


while maintaining yields in excess of 95 percent. Available on a purchase or rental basis, this mill produces a fine, narrow particle size distribution, consumes minimal amounts of energy and is easy to feed with a wide variety of materials.

What comprises a tray system?

The 00 Jet-O-Mizer tray system includes a mill, a vibratory feeder with controls and all piping and instrumentation necessary for operation. All components are constructed of type 316 stainless steel with a pharmaceutical polish. A filter sleeve is provided as a standard collection device, but additional collection options are available for customized grinding applications. Collection options include small sample collectors, cyclones  or tabletop HEPA filters.

What utilities do I need to run this system?

The system requires a 115V electric supply and 5 scfm of compressed air, medical grade bottled air or bottled nitrogen. Unlike many small jet mill designs, the Model 00 Jet-O-Mizer produces no troublesome blowback problems and features an exceptionally easy feed intake.

What benefits does the system offer?

The 00 Jet-O-Mizer is easy to clean to protect against cross contamination of samples. This sanitary design is ideal for any R&D project. Unlike many other laboratory scale grinding systems, the results achieved on the 00 Jet-O-Mizer are fully scalable to larger pilot or production scale mills. Please contact us for further infomation.