Small Footprint Leads to Large Production Results.

Small Footprint Leads to Large Production Results

The ThermaJet re-circulating flash dryer produces a completely de-agglomerated drypowder in high volumes in record time in a comparatively small work area. The recirculating loop design enables difficult to dry materials to be passed through the drying zone several times per second without degradation from heat, unlike slower drying technologies. With the steadily increasing costs for space, utilities and capital equipment, companies need to find the most cost effective way to produce high quality dried powders in the most compact layout.

Do to the nature of the ThermaJets simplistic and compact design using no moving parts, it’s footprint is significantly smaller than other types of drying technologies including ring drying, fluid bed drying,spray drying and rotary dryers. In one instance a customer was able to remove their existing spray drying system and was able to cut the drying room in size by70%. They were then able to use the vacant area for a complete tableting operation. The ThermaJet has a footprint for a production system of approximately eight feet in length by three feet wide. The simplicity of moving the product collection system to a different elevation than the drying system could assist in giving the ThermaJet an even smaller footprint.

Portable R&D and Pilot Scale Jet Mills and Dryers

If you thought the Fluid Energy 00, 0101 and 0202 Jet-0-Mizer were easy to use in the past, wait until you see our newly designed cart systems. Each system is designed to provide a R&D jet-milling system that can efficiently mill and collect your fine powders in three batch ranges all in one system. Each system is capable of maintaining yields in excess of 95%. Different collection vessels designed for various batch sizes are easily attached to the mill by quick disconnect sanitary clamps. Available on a purchase or rental basis, these mills produce a fine, narrow particle size distribution, consume minimal amounts of energy and are easy to feed with a wide variety of materials. Our unique Jet-O-Mizer, jet milling system eliminates troublesome blowback issues found in other designed jet mills.

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