Blending Mobile

Fluid Energy is fast becoming a leader among powder processing service providers. Our operations are growing fast, so Fluid Energy continues to expand our powder blending capacity and capability. With expanding blending operations Fluid Energy can continue to provide our customers with “single source” toll processing services. Fluid Energy proudly offers three large scale blending stations with more capacity to be added soon.

We have ribbon and paddle style blenders which range in size from a 15 cubic foot to 150 cubic foot.

Fluid Energy’s Test Lab powder blender allows us to make batches in the 500 to 1,000 lb. range,
while the large blenders allow us to make batches in the 2,000 to 4,000 lb. range.

Our manufacturing capacity and process flexibility is a huge advantage for our customers, as we are able to provide multi-step processing to include milling, blending, crushing or drying.

Fluid Energy can move from a trial or testing phase directly into full scale production.

Once your material is blended, Fluid Energy offers a vast array of packaging options.
We have the equipment and flexibility to package your powder products into a variety of containers, ranging in size from 22 lb. bags up to 2,000 lb. bulk sacks.