Case Studies

A New Flash Drying System Speeds the Drying Process While Protecting Sensitive Materials From Overheating

When producing matte finish ceramic glazes, the purity and particle size of the raw material are of the utmost importance. Drying is a crucial step in achieving these qualities. If the dryer components are not designed to handle abrasive materials, contamination can result. Additionally, if the dryer cannot quickly and evenly evaporate the moisture content of the material, agglomeration and


Toroidal-shaped Flash Dryer Deagglomerates and Dries Filter Cake

By: Stephen H. Donaldson, P.Eng., Engineering Manager, Steetley Talc Inc. and Alan E. Hodel, Associate Editor, Chemical Processing

Toroidal-shaped flash drying system with jet-milling system in the background


A need to increase production capacity prompted Steetley Talc Inc., Timmins, Ontario, to look for ways to improve their drying operation. Prior to 1984, the company was shipping wet talc cake from their mine and concentrator plant over to a jet-milling plant about 50 miles away.


Fluid Energy Offers a New Grinding Application

Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Company manufactures the Model 42 Micro-Jet system for pigment and abrasives grinding. This custom-built jet milling system utilizes super-heated steam as the grinding fluid. Our Capital Equipment division designed the system to grind chemical intermediates to a 6-micron average, at a rate of 2 metric tons per hour. (more…)

Fluid Energy Offers Polymer Grinding Technology

Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Company offers the Model 24 Micro-Jet application. The Model 24 Micro-Jet grinds fluropoymers to a particle size range of 10 to 15 microns at a rate of 2 to (more…)

Fluid Energy Introduces Portable Drug R&D Grinding System

Fluid Energy Processing & Equipment Company has introduced the Model 00 Jet-O-Mizer portable grinding system. The Model 00 Jet-O-Mizer is a standard laboratory research and development package available on a purchase or rental basis. (more…)