Particle Size Reduction Systems – (0.5-45 Microns)

The JET-O-MIZER is a vertically oriented jet mill with tangential grinding nozzles located at the bottom and static classification occurring at the top. This powder machine is capable of grinding dry powders to 0.5-45 micron averages, this vertical jet mill produces a narrow particle size distribution, consumes less energy and is easy to feed with a wide variety of materials.

  • Sanitary designs for access to gas and product contact areas
  • No blow back, easy feed operation
  • Replaceable grinding nozzles and liners
  • Specialized liners for abrasive applications
  • Combined operations – grinding/blending, grinding/coating
  • Largest range of throughput with models for one gram batches
    (or rates up to 10,000 lbs. per hour)

Jet Milling vs Ball Milling

While Jet Mills and ball mills often operate in the same particle size range, the similarities stop there. Unlike a ball mill, Jet Mills use high velocity, turbulent air flow to cause particle to particle collision resulting size reduction with zero heat buildup. There are no moving parts in a Jet Mill, which reduces the potential for contamination and allows for easy clean out and rapid change over to new products. While most ball mills are batch units, Jet Mills are continuous flow units so particle size results come instantaneously. Adjustment can be made very quickly, limiting the loss of materials and, more importantly time, during new product start up and commissioning phases. Jet Mills are available with wear resistant liners for abrasive products and they can also handle soft and moderately sticky materials that would clog up other mills. Fluid Energy offers three (3) complete lines of Jet Mills, the JET-O-MIZER, the MICRO-JET and the ROTO-JET.