Food Grade Processing

Fluid Energy offers Food Grade Processing with Milling, Blending and Repackaging Capabilities

Fluid Energy Processing and Equipment takes great pride in our Food Grade Processing stations. Our dedicated Food Processing areas are specifically designed to meet the rigorous and ever changing standards and regulations required for today’s Food Grade Processing Industry. In addition to our ISO9001:2008 guided quality program, our Food Grade Processing stations are FDA registered and meet the strict guidelines for Bio-Terrorism, Food Grade Cleaning and Sanitizing and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point programs.

Fluid Energy partners with our Food Manufacturing customers and they’re given the detailed attention their processes warrant. Our Food Grade Processing areas provide the following:

  • CCTV protected entrances
  • Professionally monitored insect and pest control
  • Monitored and recorded operating environment
  • Monitored and recorded positive pressure
  • Dedicated stainless steel equipment
  • HEPA filtered air movement systems
  • Air locked material movement entryways
  • Food Grade specific staging, storage and warehouse areas