Jet-O-Mizer Mobile

Particle Size Reduction Systems – (1.0-45 Microns)

The JET-O-MIZER is a vertically oriented jet mill with tangential grinding nozzles located at the bottom and static classification occurring at the top. This powder machine is capable of grinding dry powders to 1-50 micron averages, this vertical jet mill produces a narrow particle size distribution, consumes less energy and is easy to feed with a wide variety of materials.

  • Sanitary designs for access to gas and product contact areas
  • No blow back, easy feed operation
  • Replaceable grinding nozzles and liners
  • Specialized liners for abrasive applications
  • Combined operations – grinding/blending, grinding/coating
  • Largest range of throughput with models for one gram batches
    (or rates up to 10,000 lbs. per hour)

Ball Mill Powder Grinder vs Our Jet Mill

A Ball Mill Powder Grinder uses a tumbling drum to toss/roll grinding balls (or beads) onto the material causing impacts and grinding to create size reduction. The powders characteristics need to be considered to maximize desired goals while minimizing wear. This process is normally done in batches and run times are based historical evaluations. Typically they are used when the final size of the powder is to be 60 to 5 microns. The nature of the process tends to produce a fairly broad Particle Size Distribution. (Energy consumption is considered medium.)

A Jet Mill operates with no moving parts and subjects the material desiring size reduction to be thrown within a channel and impact with additional material and thus fracturing into smaller pieces. This process is a continuous flow and size reduction is almost instantaneous so results are generated very quickly. Since the results come immediately, adjustments can be made rapidly saving time and lost product. Typically they are used when the final size of the powder is to be 50 to 1 micron. Control of the feed material allows for a fairly narrow Particle Size Distribution. The lack of moving parts reduces the chances of contamination and high air flow rates helps protect any heat sensitive materials. (Energy consumption is considered high.)