MICRO-JET Operating Principle

Efficient design and dependable operation

The MICRO-JET milling machine grinds and classifies in a single, variable cylindrical chamber. High-pressure air, gas or steam is introduced through specially designed nozzles, converting the potential energy of the compressed gas into a grinding stream of sonic or supersonic velocity. This elastic fluid creates a high-velocity helix that rotates around the center of the jet mill.

Raw materials are introduced into the grinding chamber through a venturi feed injector. The solid particles are entrained in the turbulent helical flow, causing them to collide. These high-velocity collisions pulverize the solids into micron and submicron particles.

The particles stratify and grind each other in direct relation to their inertia. As the particles are reduced to the desired size, the viscous drag of the exhaust draws only the reduced particles into the discharge stream.

Micro-Jet Particle Size Distribution