ROTO-JET Operating Principle

Expertly Engineered Particle Milling and Classification

Air or inert gas at elevated pressure is injected through specially designed nozzles directly into the grinding chamber of the Roto-Jet, creating a sonic or supersonic grinding stream. Raw feed is automatically introduced to the Roto-Jet chamber mill by an interlocked feed control system.

The agitation provided by the grinding chamber and nozzle design cause particles to become entrained in the air or inert gas stream. Particle size reduction is accomplished by high velocity collisions between particles. Small particles are then swept towards the classifier which rotates at high speed above the grinding. The speed of the classifier is preset for the proper sized product and is electronically controlled. Material which is fluidized fine enough to overcome the inertial force generated by the classifier escapes the Roto-Jet mill and is collected as product. Oversized particles are recycled by the classifier back into the grinding chamber for further reduction.

Roto-Jet Particle Size Distribution