THERMAJET™ Features & Benefits

THERMAJET™ Flash Drying, Calcining & Deagglomeration Systems

THERMAJET Features & Benefits

Exceptionally Efficient Flash Drying and Deagglomeration in a Single System
The THERMAJET™ Flash Drying System produces a discrete, dry product from any feed material, including wet powder, slurry, centrifuge or filter cake. Automated system operation and high thermal transfer maximize product quality and drying efficiency. Systems are engineered for laboratory, pilot and full-scale production from 10 to 100,000 lb/hr. The THERMAJET™ has a wide range of operating temperatures, pressures, and drying media providing safe processing of all materials including heat-sensitive and reactive products. High pressures can be used when a combination of drying and grinding is required.

High Thermal Efficiency
The THERMAJET™ flash dryer allows efficient drying at lower outlet temperatures due to the greater surface area of the deagglomerated product.

Flash Calcining
The THERMAJET™ flash dryer is also an effective flash calciner in applications where the chemical reaction occurs at less than 1300° F. The turbulent environment in the drying chamber provides instant and uniform heating of particles. This treatment yields a fine, deagglomerated, calcined product. The low residence time and immediate system response allow instantaneous calcining refinements to optimize the product.

Reliable Construction
The THERMAJET™ flash dryer system is constructed entirely in the USA of only the highest quality components. The low-maintenance design has no moving parts and can be opened quickly and easily for inspection or cleaning. All parts are made in the USA which guarantees rapid delivery of spare items. Comprehensive engineering and durable construction enable our system to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Engineering Support and Service
THERMAJET™ testing is done at our facility in Pennsylvania where detailed process data can be obtained for your application. Fluid Energy engineers and quality service technicians are immediately available to provide technical assistance and to guarantee that the Therma-Jet Flash Dryer System performs to your complete satisfaction.

Rental Systems
Most of Fluid Energy’s advanced flash drying systems are available on a rental basis to fulfill your immediate processing requirements.

Custom Processing

Fluid Energy maintains a facility for fine / ultra fine grinding of your material on a contractual basis. Other services include blending, drying and packaging. Our fully equipped QA laboratories are available for moisture, particle size and custom analyses of your products.