THERMAJET™ Operating Principle

THERMAJET™ Flash Drying, Calcining & Deagglomeration Systems
THERMAJET Flash Drying, Calcining & Deagglomeration Systems

The THERMAJET™ flash dryer is an innovative variation on toroidal jet milling technology, using a low-pressure (i.e. 2-10 psig) hot gas to dry and deagglomerate a wet feed. A hot gas is introduced into the ThermaJet through nozzles to create a high velocity, rotating gas/product stream. The gas stream rapidly sweeps the incoming wet feed material into the drying chamber where the turbulent hot air quickly deagglomerates the feed stock by creating particle-to-particle collisions. These collisions vastly increase the surface area exposed to the drying fluid, facilitating the instantaneous heat exchange necessary for flash drying.

From the drying zone, the gas/product stream enters into the static classification zone. Due to centrifugal force, the larger, wetter particles remain to the outside of the dryer ring, where they will be recirculated into the drying chamber. The lighter, dryer particles are removed with the exhaust gas stream.