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Equipment Feasibility Testing

Equipment Feasibility Testing

One of the main goals of the Test Center at Fluid Energy is to provide feasibility testing for jet milling and flash drying applications. Whether you are looking for Fluid Energy toll dry or mill raw materials or allow us to build a system for your in-house processing needs, the first step is to determine our equipment’s ability to meet your specifications. On a daily basis, our test center runs trials on new materials for customers that have never tried jet milling or flash drying. In addition, we test established materials to see if we can make it finer, drier or both. Testing can also include bulk density adjustments, blending/color adjustments, coating/encapsulating and classification.

We maintain a complete set of laboratory and pilot systems to process materials under varying circumstances. Along with the equipment, Fluid Energy can apply over 60 years of jet milling and flash drying experience into every test. Not all materials react the same way to jet milling or flash drying but our test operators will quickly determine the most effective way to process your samples. The results will be clearly explained in a test report or certificate of analysis, while the data is passed onto the engineering department for additional review.

If you are interested in learning more about Fluid Energy equipment or having a feasibility test conducted , please call us at 215-721-8990 or email us through the contact block on the right side of this page. Below are Information Forms that, once completed, can provide our engineers the opportunity to get a rapid understanding of your needs and requirements.

Jet Milling Material Information Form:
Drying Material Information Form: