Powder Processing Equipment

Particle size reduction equipment plays an important role in the manufacturing process. Numerous industries rely on it to improve performance or meet specific requirements. The mechanics remove the need for grinding media that can negatively impact a formulation. Operational parameters are monitored throughout the jet mills particle size reduction process to help adjust and improve the milling or micronization parameters.

Fluid Energy designs and sells the same equipment it uses in its Hatfield Powder Processing Plant.

Our JET-O-MIZER (Vertical), MICRO-JET (Horizontal) and ROTO-JET (Fluid Bed) size reduction systems are capable of producing particle sizes from 0.5 to 45 microns without heat degradation. Sanitary systems are available for pharmaceutical applications and are suitable for autoclave or steam sterilization. 
Powder Drying Systems Powder Drying Systems
ThermaJet is a proven line of compact, highly efficient flash dryers designed to dry and deagglomerate any wet solid, slurry, centrifuge or filter cake. Ideal for safe processing of even heat sensitive or reactive products, these dryers can also be used for flash calcining operations.  
Pharmaceutical Systems Pharmaceutical Systems
Fluid Energy offers a comprehensive range of fully scalable research and development grinding systems perfectly suited for laboratory applications. The self-contained portable tray systems are designed to process batch sizes ranging from 1g to several kilos while maintaining yields in excess of 95 percent. 
Laboratory Scale Systems Laboratory Scale Systems
R&D cart systems for particle size reduction from .5 to 45 microns. Fluid Energy cart systems are designed to provide an R&D jet-milling system that can efficiently mill and collect your fine powders in three batch ranges all in one system. 
Roto-Sizer Classification Systems
The Roto-Sizer is a forced-vortex air classifier designed to provide precise classification of fine powders. A specially engineered classification chamber and classifying rotor produce “cut” sizes down to 1 micron and produce yields of up to 92%. The classifier can operate as a separate system or it can be installed in-line with a mechanical or jet-milling operation.