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Raw Material Procurement and Processing

Fluid Energy provides procurement services for non-proprietary, commercially available products along with fine powder processing of the materials.  Currently Fluid Energy procures and processes the materials listed below to the given particle size specifications:

Sodium Benzoate drum

Fluid Energy Sodium Benzoate

Product Particle Size Specification
Sodium Benzoate 100% < 22 microns; mean 3.8 microns max
Sodium Nitrate 100% < 325 Mesh
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP) 100% < 22 microns; mean 3.8 microns max
Fluid Energy Sodium Benzoate Bulk  

Fluid Energy can mill, dry, blend, etc. powders to meet additional specifications and requirements. This applies to all technical grade and food grade materials that Fluid Energy normally processes. Product specifications can be developed with customers, or existing products can be used if they meet customer needs.

As with customer supplied products, Fluid Energy can procure the required packaging. Packaging types include bags, drums, bulk bags, or similarly sized containers.

Call Fluid Energy if you need assistance with procurement of materials along with fine powder processing.